Wis list / Fur coat, accessory


Aww so cute...I love this faux fur item.
I want the knit cap and fur hat to which the ear was attached.

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December will come soon.
very very cold in Japan in December. Therefore, I would like to wear a fur coat. ( I like and wear faux far coat. )
I have three faux far coat. It is a Brown, a white, and pattern of a carriage dog.

I have a rule when wearing a fur coat.
It is considering balance.
If a fur coat is worn, the body appears greatly. Therefore, I align skinny pants, leggings, or tights with a miniskirt. Then, I am considering that balance becomes good.

But, the picture of the very end of this report has united with the skirt which is not tight.
But, It is so cool! I do not regard it as balance being bad.
If there is also such stylishness, I will learn seeing various snap fashion.

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H&M was announced today.[ that MARNI at H&M collaboration product will be put on the market in March, next year.]
MARNI is a brand of Italy. The founder of MARNI is a woman called Consuelo Castiglioni. ( The woman of the picture of the top of this report.)
This collection is due to be put on the market in H&M about 260 stores, and online store of every corner of the earth from March 8, 2012. All the dress and accessories are developed at a H&M price, and everyone can experience the world of Marni. (In Japan, it is a sale start from March 10.)

From ladies, a vivid color tone and an outstanding print are characteristic, and there are what was affected to Africa, and a simple color block. All silhouettes are the time-tested products of Marni. Even the cotton poplin in which a pleated skirt, a dress, cropped pants, jacquard knitting, and a material have tension from silk is used. In order to complete a look, a collection also develops a jewelry, shoes, a bag, and a scarf.

I expect that the goods of a color block will come out of MARNI at H&M.

I would like to see the detailed picture of this product early.

Do you plan to buy this product?

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Half red ★

(( Outfit details...Coat UNIQLO / Knit American Apparel / Shirts JEANASIS (Brand of Japan) / Shorts moussy (Brand of Japan) / Bag ZARA / Boots KAWI JAMELE (Brand of Japan) / Tights Kutsushitaya (Brand of Japan) / Sunglasses SLY (Brand of Japan) / ))

Soon, winter comes on to Japan.
I am weak to cold. Therefore, I purchased the very warm coat by UNIQLO.
The material of UNIQLO is good. Therefore, I trust the material of UNIQLO.

I am collecting new and unique tights. When I noticed, the inside of the wardrobe filled with tights. hehe
but and tights are torn easily, I become sad.
If there are tights which are not torn, I will purchase it in large quantities.lol

This outfit took in red and Bordeaux. This is classic and is new outfit.

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VARSACE for H&M Japan Launch Party Osaka

On November 19, opened by the new store of H&M in ebisu-bashi of Osaka.
I participated in the opening party of the store the two days ago.


I was invited to the party as a blogger.
I was very interested in this collaboration. Therefore, I was glad to have been invited.

The Light, alcohol, catering, the goods of VERSACE for H&M, and all were wonderful parties.

I purchased some goods of VERSACE for H&M.

I wanted to buy almost all goods. Especially I wanted the jumper of Men's, Men's was sold out by uncanny popularity in the twinkling of an eye....
It was very popular anyhow. It could be said that this collaboration was a success.

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(( Outfit details...Jacket SLY (Brand of Japan) / Knit MERCURYDUO (Brand of Japan) / Inner UNIQLO / Pants VERSACE for H&M / Boots KAWI JAMELE (Brand of Japan) / Necklace VERSACE for H&M / Sunglasses KAWI JAMELE (Brand of Japan) / ))

I wore the goods bought with VERSACE for H&M.
I set the whole leading role to pants of a Japanese pattern. Therefore, I wore the dress of the whole body black, in order to emphasize pants more.

( In Osaka-Namba-Ebisubashi
Photo by @fashionsnap )

In Osaka, the goods of VERSACE for H&M were put on the market from today's (11/19) 12:00 p.m.
it was very popular, people had stood in a line in front of the store from yesterday night.
100 or more persons had already stood in a line on this morning. 400 persons stood in a line 1 hour before opening.
From last night to tomorrow, Osaka and Tokyo are heavy rain. Many people had still stood in a line. OMG...VERSACE for H&M is very popular...

I thought that the power of a fashion was uncanny.

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(( Outfit details...Jacket Versace for H&M / One-piece MANGO / Tights ? / Shoes GLADNEWS (Brando of Japan) / Necklace Vercace for H&M / Sunglasses KAWI JAMELE (Brando of Japan) / Bag Jel'emets solo (Brand of Japan) / ))

An ebisu No. 2 store will carry out new opening in Osaka tomorrow. Therefore, I was invited to the open vip party yesterday, I participated.
In Japan, the goods of "VERSACE for H&M" are put on the market from tomorrow. But, I bought goods promptly.
I bought four goods yesterday. It is a leather jacket, a choker of gold, and two bottoms. ( It will be published to my blog later. )
Yesterday's party was gorgeous anyhow and wonderful. music, alcohol, and food -- it was wonderful respectively.
I will publish a party report to my blog later.

As for this leather jacket, I was charmed by the accessories of gold, and the logo mark.
Especially a back logo mark is very cool.

Did you buy the goods of Versace for H&M?
You have to get it absolutely!!!

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